Pops is Tops

May Gitles

For Susan at Christmas

Bettys I Have Known

To Nancy Who Looks So Young

Ellen's Tale

Dog-gone it

For a man Born in the U.S.A.


Jana Banana



Jessica Renee


All poems © Elaine Person









Pops is Tops

by Elaine S. Person ©2009

This story is about Pops, a Chicago, Illinois man.
He is the son of Walter and Ann.
Our hero is of Polish descent.
His parents had a happy event
on August 24, 1914,
the day was warm, the grass was green.
There, in Chicago, Illinois
a child was born, a baby boy.
There were seven children all together.
Pops was born in summer weather.
When he grew up, he married Bernice.
Their true love made his joy increase.
They had a son and called him Jim.
Bruce came along years after him.
A shop foreman for Armstrong Tool and Die
Pops was such a reliable guy.
Also a teamster for National Tea Food
He was always in a good mood.
Pops retired at age 62
and was still married; his love was true.
When Bernice passed on, he lived alone
then chose to make Florida his new home
close to the house of his first son, Jim.
His father wanted to live near him.
Brother Eugene called him “Sunshine Boy.”
It’s a nickname he does enjoy.
Pops’ real name is Adolph. “That has to stop,”
said Jim’s wife, Vickie, “Let’s call him ‘Pops.’”
Vickie has two sons, David and Rick.
Family ties are very thick.
Continuing on in Pops life cycle,
Rick and Jill had Erica and Michael.
And Erica and Doug had baby Jacob-Allen.
Pops likes to make soups by the gallon.
Bruce married Pat, had Amanda and Leslie Bre,
and they all live in Mississippi.
Pops likes poker, Polka, dog races, the Lottery,
and likes to watch baseball and football on TV.
Pops is a great cook from Golumpki to soups,
whether for himself or for big groups.
Pops looks so young. I asked him why
his face is free of wrinkles and lines.
Pops said he uses cold water only.
He knows he is loved and never is lonely.
Have the Happiest Birthday there ever could be
and lots of fun, Pops Mowinski!




May Gitles

© 2011 by Elaine S. Person

It was May 30, 1917,
a Wednesday in spring, and the trees were green.
She was born in Chicago. It was a great day.
A baby arrived, and she was named May.
The family wasn’t very large;
In five years twins came: Sylvia and Marge
Her father sold raincoats, so he would say
when it rained, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”
They had a nice house, ‘though it wasn’t a palace.
May had a good friend whose name was Alice.
The first TV on the block brought them laughter.
May loved her crafts and was quite a crafter.
Her parents gave May piano lessons;
She rode a streetcar to the sessions.
She fell in love. It was uncanny,
and her Prince Charming’s name was Manny
with Paul Newman blue eyes, and what’s more
they met at Storkline Furniture Store.
Then Manny and May cut a rug;
Her favorite dance was jitterbug.
May got married in 1949.
She was happy; all was fine.
Their baby girl was born the next year.
The parents named her Toni Claire.
May and Manny were married forty years
with lots of joy, little tears.
They traveled to Las Vegas for conventions.
What happens in Vegas, people don’t mention.
Something happened that was so alarming­­:
May lost Manny, her Prince Charming.
Daughter Toni is May’s biggest fan.
To make May happy, Toni can.
Toni and May went to Turkey and Greece.
They knew their fun would never cease.
They went to Athens, a large metropolis;
May and Toni climbed the Acropolis.
Now May spends her days playing Mah-Jong
with many friends that she brings along.
May lives in the Heritage Assisted Living.
The staff is warm, and nice, and giving.
Her favorite food is still Italian.
She loves spaghetti and always has fun.
I wish you joy on this Happy Birthday,
This poem’s for you, wonderful May.




For Susan at Christmas

I meant to buy you diamonds

I meant to buy you pearls

Instead I’m celebrating

Having lunch with us girls

I wish you Merry Christmas

Please don’t be annoyed

I didn’t buy that Jaguar

Since I am unemployed.



Bettys I Have Known

 Bettie Page was all the rage
with her erotic factor
Betty Rubble kissed caveman’s stubble
She was quite an actor
Betty Grable was truly able
to show us how glamour should look
Betty Crocker, pre-TV food-rocker
taught us all how to cook
Betty Ford, if you can afford 
her clinic to stop drinking
Betty Boop, get in her loop
She helped us to stop thinking
Betty and Veronica
vied for Archie's attention
Now it's time for Betty Boggs
It is time to mention:
It's Betty's birthday,
her put on earth day  

Happy Birthday, Betty!

The most current Betty I know.



To Nancy, Who Looks So Young

Nancy worked at Siemens

With church she is involved

She fixes many challenges

With her it’s “Problem solved.”

Nancy aged another year.

Nancy won a Science Fair.

And one thing is really clear:

Nancy loves to volunteer.

Nancy likes the Steelers

Nancy puts on shows

She makes her lovely scrapbooks

And shops for pretty clothes.

She loves her husband and her sons.

With grandchildren she has fun.

She goes to the beach to get some sun.

Kohl’s keeps Nancy on the run.

She was married in 1966.

She has two cats at home.

From Colorado to Costa Rica

Nancy likes to roam.

You look so young and full of zest.

Nancy, do you ever rest?

Your sense of humor is the best.

And you’re always so well dressed.

I wish you Happy Birthday

Not to put you on the spot

But to wish you many blessings

With your own verbal snapshot.

© 2010 by Elaine S. Person

This verbal portrait of your life

Like the photographs you make

Life for you is what you give,

not the things you take.



Ellen’s Tale

This is the story of a woman named Ellen

She’s the one about whom I’m tellin’

On February twenty-first in 1949

Ellen was born, and she was fine.

Born in Van Wert County, Ohio

A part of the U.S. that gets lots of snow.

She lived in Convoy, went to Crestview High

The county fairgrounds were nearby.

Mother is Evalyn. Father is Denean

She went to college at Bowling Green

Her friend from childhood is named Ruth Ann

In college, Ellen met a man.

Ellen met Vaughn on the phone.

Now her best friend’s name is Joan.

With an MSLS from the University of Kentucky

She got a job in Maitland; that was lucky

Her husband is Vaughn. Kylie’s her daughter

a lawyer in Hawaii near the water

Kylie’s husband is a doc in the Navy

Ellen makes Thanksgiving dinner with delicious gravy

Son Jeff is in school taking pre-med

Ellen cooks and keeps her family fed

Thanksgiving dinner tastes so fine

She bakes hundreds of cookies at Christmas time

Another part of Ellen’s story:

Jeff’s dog Jade and Kylie’s dog Dori.

She loves the University of Kentucky Wildcats

Enjoys people and likes long chats

Her favorite color is burgundy

Ellen works at the Maitland Public Library

Her favorite TV shows? That is the query:

NCIS and The Big Bang Theory.

Ellen is happy reading novels and knitting

Here’s a wish that’s oh, so fitting:

Happy Birthday, Ellen

Have so much fun

And a wonderful year

That's just begun.




Dog-gone It   © 2012 Elaine Person


Edie was a lovely pet

She wandered far from home

Pretty soon she got all wet

And in the woods did roam

Four days later a neighbor

of owners Linda and Tom

Found the little puppy dog

for Edie’s “dad” and “mom.”

The green bandana got her found

It was a happy day

Little Edie came around

She now is home to stay.




For a man Born in the U.S.A.:

Take a Wrecking Ball
To last year
Start anew
Go to the River
Reminisce your
Glory Days
Don’t forget Orlando is a
Lucky Town to have you.
If you have a Hungry Heart
do a little Dancing in the Dark.
Perhaps take a Long Walk Home.
If you feel The Rising need for
Human Touch
Take a ride in the Tunnel of Love
with your wife.
The Promise of better days to come is
guaranteed in your life
The Essential sentiment is:
I hope your day is Magic.

Happy Birthday, Jack.

© 2012 Elaine Person





What makes her tick? Let the story unravel

Gloria really likes to travel

She grew up in Bartow, teaches piano

Lived in Pensacola, now Orlando

Works in a pharmacy, gives out drugs

But Gloria’s really good at hugs

She patient and kind, helpful, and caring

Travels the country; yes, she is daring

Went to Maine, went to Sedona

And Mardi Gras in Pensacola!

Gloria taught me what to eat

And she said I should be neat.


Likes astrology, and a tennis match,

“Pawn Stars” on TV she’ll catch

She grows orchids, has two cats

Wears K-Swiss and shower hats

Music’s a big part of her world

Wore her hair straight; now it’s curled

Starts each day with meditation

At work, gives out medication

Lives with cats named Sally and Chester

Gloria’s wise, a good investor

She knows how to save a dollar

Wears a coat with a fur collar.


Many things Gloria taught me

Like how to keep skin wrinkle-free

On the face don’t use harsh soap

Gloria just knows how to cope

She’s relaxed and very wise

Had some trouble with her eyes

She cooks healthy, veggies galore

Friend June used to live next door

Wendy’s sandwich, her specialty

Is a meal she made for me.


I was injured, needed a place

to stay and not fall on my face.

Her heated hot tub gave relief

She taught me positive belief.

 I survived the pain, lived through the bout

because of you.  There is no doubt.

Thank you, Gloria. Thank you so.

Thank you more than you’ll ever know.

© 2012 by Elaine Person




Jana Banana

Jana Banana
Is in the group Yella!
Loves Sassy and Tater
and Jason, her fella.

From Bellville, Kansas
She gives us BanaNews
She sings so well from
commercials to old blues.

McDonald’s commercials sung with ease,
Talks politics, gossip, shoots the breeze
Answers phones, always says “please”
And she swam with manatees.

Says off-color things
on air during dinner
Basketball in Greece
was a gold medal winner.

Speaks great “British”
and Nancy Grace
Wears a beret
Or a spiral hair case.

Happy Birthday, Jana
Happy Birthday to you
And thanks for all the
entertainment you do!






Their once was a man named Gary
Whose body got hard to carry
He started to slip
The doc said, "Your hip!
Replace it; please do not tarry."

So Gary had surgery done
Recovery wasn't much fun
Is it worth the pain
To give up the cane?
Yes, now you see Gary run.




Valerie © 2013 by Elaine Person

There is a woman here in town
who used to pay my salary.
She loves life, she gets around.
Her first name is Valerie.

She’s comfortable at Opera
or in a fine art gallery.
She’ll dine with candelabra
that woman known as Valerie.

We used to have such likely talks
like how to lose a calorie.
And every day she goes for walks,
that gal whose name is Valerie

Saw sunset down in old Key West
’Twas at a Square named Mallory.
When asked the trip she liked the best,
“I liked them all,” said Valerie.

Valerie has business sense
She knows just what to do
with houses and investments;
she’s good that way, it’s true.

She likes fine films and theater,
cruises, trips to France.
Her nice Jaguar will get her far,
and she loves to dance.

There is a woman here in town
who used to pay my salary.
I thank her so, more than she’ll know,
and that great gal is Valerie.




Jessica Renee © 2013 by Elaine Person

In 1997, on June the fifth
the world received a lovely gift.
A baby girl was born that day.
She was named Jessica Renée.
Jessica’s talented. You will find
she likes music of all kinds.
She saw Miley Cyrus live.
Her mom took her and did drive.
Jessica’s wonderful imagination
comes with her great motivation.
About Jessica, here are the facts:
she sings, draws, writes, and acts.
Jessica is kind, it is told
that she has a heart of gold.
She’s in High Voltage, was in Live Wire,
sings at church, is in the choir.
Those who know her always see
her constant spirituality.
She loves retreats and mission trips,
goes mountain climbing; she never slips.
Was in Uniteens, now in Y.O.U.
Loves all colors, especially blue.
Larry’s her stepdad. Bonnie’s her mother.
Christian and Patrick are her brothers.
Likes to go to the mall with friends.
They shop and laugh; the fun never ends.
Jessica has a generous heart.
With just scraps, she can make art.
A multi-talented individual,
she’s unique; she’s an original.

This tribute is special, and it’s all true.
These loving words are just for you.
Because I love you, Jessica Renee—
from me to you: Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love, Stepdad Larry